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Andrew Vogt: How I Made a Record In One Year


Hey, everyone! This is Andrew Vogt of The AV Club here to tell you how I wrote, recorded and created an album all within the span of one year.

Before I start, I should say this isn’t the tried and true method of making music. I truly believe there isn’t really any correct way, this is just what worked for me. Most of the music on this album was written in February of 2015 as a part of a creative writing accountability project entitled “FAWM.” It was at first a simple challenge to myself to see if I could write 14 songs in a month, but has now turned into an event I look forward to every year and has fostered many new songs and friends. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in original writing.

After being written, the music was then work-shopped over many gigs, rehearsals and even weekly sets at The Arrogant Frog Bar, which has been an amazing new spot for jazz and original music on Wednesday nights here in Chicago. The album was recorded at I.V. Lab Studios and, under the direction of the masterful Chris Harden, we were able to capture the brilliant creativity of Corbin Andrick and Sam Hudgens (saxes), Anders Nordstrom (guitar), Andrew Lawrence (keys), Ryan Roberts (percussion) and Zack Marks (drums). After mixing and mastering the album, I designed the artwork and shipped it off to be pressed. The albums were on my doorstep before Christmas Day!

So how does anyone else do it? Simple.

Here’s a few tips I have picked up that have really helped me this past year:

1. Be Prepared- Know your songs better than anyone else in the room and know exactly how you want them to sound BEFORE recording them. Have the clearest vision you possibly can about your songs.

2. Rehearse!-The recording studio is not the place to be working out the song arrangements. It is a giant waste of everyone’s time and your money. Schedule ample rehearsal time a month or two in advance so that everyone is comfortable in the studio.

3. Have Fun- I know this one sounds obvious, but many people get way inside of their heads during recording sessions and it can lead to anything but productivity. Keeping a healthy mental presence in the studio helps not only you but everyone around you. Good vibes only!

4. Stay Focused- After recording it, don’t leave your material on the shelf! It’s easy to feel like the hard part is over with, but there is a lot more work left after your studio days. Mix, Master, Edit and GET IT OUT THERE!!!

5. Enjoy the Process- to enjoy the entire process you also have to realize that it is a PROCESS. It all takes lots of time, money and energy to create an album but as long as you know that going in, it can be a very rewarding experience. So sit back and enjoy the journey!

It is with great delight I finally present the full album “The AV Club” to you all for your listening pleasure (click here to listen). Make sure to check out the band live at Emporium May 12th for our album debut!