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Curious Grace & Black Rabbit: New Album, World on Fire lead image

Curious Grace & Black Rabbit: New Album, World on Fire


Hello, this is Mary Erangey, co-band leader of Chicago’s Curious Grace & Black Rabbit

Some people want to escape the heat. I want to soak it up. 

It feels like desire. Like pure energy and life. It feels like MUSIC: monumental; oppressive; liberating…it’s the summertime feel.

That’s what me and my husband Tom and the rest of my bandmates dropped into our new release #worldonfire. The album is a journey that plays like the best road trip ever; an open road that is a blank canvas that you get to fill up with the color you bring. 

World on Fire is a symphonic rock fever dream; it makes you remember what it feels like to be a kid again, when everything felt bright and scary and big. The album runs the gamut stylistically and emotionally: it’s got rock n’ roll; it’s got catchy hooks that’ll stick in your head; it’s got introspection suited to make you look at yourself in that rear view mirror. And it’s full of unexpected turns. 

You might feel disillusioned all winter, but then summer comes and you just push that bitter taste down; you stand up tall and step proudly into the sunshine.

Curious Grace & Black Rabbit cordially invites you to our #worldonfire release show at Wire in Berwyn on Thursday, June 28. Chicago band Wilde opens the show.