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Lucille Furs | New Album


Hello, August Forte from Novo Management & Publicity here! I have had the opportunity to work with many talented Chicago bands over the years and I am stoked to be handling press for the great local psych group Lucille Furs! Before I get to them, a quick note to let you know that Novo will be moving its Chicago office from Portage Park to 2112, Chicago’s first business incubator focused on the development of entrepreneurs in music, film/video and creative industry-focused technologies. My business partner is in from Nashville to help me pack up our current office, so wish us luck!

Back to Lucille Furs, they are a 5-piece psychedelic rock/baroque pop band who take inspiration from not only 60’s trailblazers The Beatles, The Kinks and Pink Floyd but from contemporary acts The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Temples and The Horrors. Their newly released self-titled debut is available on limited edition vinyl and as a digital download and on cassette via the Chicago label TMB Limited. The band just recorded its first session for Daytrotter the other day, have received airplay on both WXRT and WKQX and debuted at #2 on CHIRP’s Top 50 for the week of 10/23/2017! 

You can catch Lucille Furs opening for the LA-based band Frankie and the Witch Fingers at Beat Kitchen on Wednesday, Nov 1.