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My Billy Dec Died?


Sorry I have been absent, but my dad just passed away, and I haven’t been myself.  I appreciate all who have shared positive loving thoughts, you mean the world to me.

I don’t usually share sad stuff like this on my blog, but something clicked when his longtime bestfriend heard the horrible news and in shock asked, “my Billy Dec died?”  I realized, he was more than just a dad, he was many other things to many other people.  He made people laugh, worked hard, built great things, helped everyone he could,… all in Chicago.  At that moment, it also occurred to me that if anyone deserved to be celebrated amongst people, places & things in chicago that I love, think add character, are entertaining, and make us unique to any other city in the world, it would be my dad and the lessons he taught me as a kid…

-love your mom.
-educate yourself more than you will ever need.
-find work that makes you happy & be the best at it.
-sell yourself & anything else you believe in.
-be spontaneous, alive, creative, & unique.
-help people less fortunate than you near & far.
-fight through & past any obstacle, never give up.
-find the love of your life & build a happy family.
-live w/o prejudice, seek, promote & celebrate diversity.
-surround yourself w/ people better & smarter than you.
-be a good person so people know, love & trust you.
-create amazing experiences & share great story w/ all.
-always make people smile, no matter what.

Thanks dad, I promise I will. Rest in peace…