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Shaw Maxwell | Jazz Musician


Hi, everyone! My name is Shawn Maxwell and I am a Chicago-area jazz musician. I play saxophone, clarinet and flute along with being a composer and bandleader. I enjoyed great success with my 2016 release, New Tomorrow, and I am very happy to announce the follow up, Music In My Mind. On this new album, we build from where we started on New Tomorrow and add another layer to produce something that is eerily similar while still being completely fresh and different.

This new album marks the eighth that I’ve released as a leader and is perhaps the one I’m most proud of thus far. Throughout my career I’ve tried to find an even balance of using both improvisation and composition to maintain the legacy of jazz but also lead to something new. I’m confident that listeners will hear this on our new works and be drawn in by the unique voice and approach that we are attempting. Having some of Chicago’s finest on the album also doesn’t hurt. Local greats such as Dee Alexander, Chad McCullough, Corey Wilkes, Victor Garcia and Junius Paul (to name just a few) help me bring my ideas to life. 

We will be celebrating Music in My Mind, which was released on May 15 by the Origin label, with shows at Andy’s Jazz Club on Friday, June 15 and Saturday, June 16.

I am hoping to see many of you out there for what will be a  good time!