Food. Roots. Philippines.

What if you could go back in time, to any place in the world, to discover and learn the most favorite family recipes of your ancestors?

Meet Billy Dec, a 2 time Emmy Award winning TV personality, and proud owner of Sunda New Asian restaurants (Chicago & Nashville), who set off on a journey to the other side of the world, to his mother’s native 7641 Islands of the Philippines, to find his last living elders, to learn the family’s recipes of his ancestors, teaching him a deeper understanding of his cultural and culinary identity, though an adventurous, cinematic, suspenseful, invigorating, food roots journey!

Join Billy by planes, boats, jeepneys, vans, motorcycles and on foot, as he vigorously searches bustling metropolitan cities, tiny remote islands, hidden villages on mountains above the clouds, and more, finding family he hasn’t seen since he was three, learning the story and recipes of his ancestors, bringing new understandings, challenges, laughs, tears, ending with a 2-day journey to the top of a mountain to find a 103 yr old last remaining tribal tattoo master, who started tattooing headhunters and warriors when she was 15, blessing Billy with a tattoo related to his ancestral connection.

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Food. Roots. Philippines.