The Meal of Your Life

The Meal of Your Life is a Podcast by two-time Emmy Award-winning TV Personality, Actor, Entrepreneur, Restaurateur, and CEO/Founder of award-winning hospitality and entertainment company, Rockit Ranch, Billy Dec. In each episode of The Meal of Your Life, Billy welcomes a uniquely distinguished and dynamically unforgettable guest, from celebrities to athletes, renowned chefs to intellectuals, politicians to everyday people, and invites listeners to join in on an intimate conversation surrounding the defining meal that forever impacted their life.

01.03.2018 Andrew Zimmern image
Andrew Zimmern

James Beard Award-Winning TV Personality, Host/Co-Creator of Bizarre Foods, Chef, Food Writer, Andrew Zimmern, chats with Billy about the differences and similarities in meal experiences around the world, challenges within the restaurant world, how they met up in Namibia for a super memorable meal, and Andrew's amazing story on how he hit rock bottom and built himself back up to be the successful and positive person he is today.

11.09.2017 Macy Gray image
Macy Gray

Grammy-Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Actress and longtime friend Macy Gray shares funny waitress stories with guests like Barbara Streisand, how her dad shot a rabbit, how we met over a buffet 15yrs ago when I apparently dissed Charlize Theron (haha, had no idea), and what she eats before she performs (and how her hype music is Britney Spears?!).. OH, and how I should have acted crazy when Bobby Brown tried to beat me up at her bday party haha.. enjoy!

10.10.2017 Carla Hall image
Carla Hall

Celeb Chef, TV Personality, Carla Hall, chats with Billy about her time on Top Chef, why she believes dishes have male and/or female energies, her love of Nashville (where she was born and raised), and her views on what makes the differences and similarities in cooking cultures so wonderful.​

10.04.2017 Curtis Stone image
Curtis Stone

Celeb Chef, TV Personality, Restaurateur, Curtis Stone, chats with Billy about the food scene in Melbourne, his food and life philosophy, why his one-ingredient based menu at Maude pushes him to consistently evolve, and why good quality condiments are the key to a successful quick meal.

09.12.2017 Aarti Sequeira image
Aarti Sequeira

Celebrity Chef on Food Network.. Winner of “The Next Food Network Star,” Host of shows “Aarti Paarti” & “Taste in Translation,” Aarti Sequeira, gives us an inside look into culture, culinary, & community.. from India where born, Dubai where grew up, to her rise on Network TV in America becoming a celebrity chef! Learn tips on throwing house parties, how she teaches her kids about her Indian culture through food, and why she believes that when it comes to cooking, “you don’t need to be fancy to make an impact” and more!

08.29.2017 Joseph Sikora image
Joseph Sikora

Tommy from the TV Show, Power, Actor, Joe Sikora, chats about how he expresses his creativity not only through acting but also through graffiti, what he put into his role as Tommy (the amount of food he eats, the chain he wears, choices he makes, etc.), his love of the Polish American culture and cuisine, and his death row meal of choice, his Mom and Dad’s flank steak marinated in soy sauce and brown sugar.

08.29.2017 Larenz Tate image
Larenz Tate

Actor from Power, Dead Presidents, Menace to Society, Love Jones & many more! Larenz Tate discusses his acting roots, his plant-based lifestyle, his love for the slow cookers, why he can’t take lunch meets with his producing partner brothers, and his Grandmother’s fried chicken secret!

08.15.2017 Mayor Rahm Emanuel image
Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, discusses why Bon Appetite named Chicago the Restaurant City of the Year, how he lost part of his finger while working in a kitchen, why arguing at the dinner table when he was young prepared him for parenthood, and his favorite dining memory to date.

08.08.2017 Liz Dozier image
Liz Dozier

Liz Dozier, star of CNN Original Series “Chicagoland” chats about turning around the worst scenario ever that happened with her school, how she came from a white nun and black father in jail, food in schools in underserved neighborhoods, gangs, changing lives, the importance of mentorship, and her love for travelling, sharing meals and new experiences with people along the way.

07.25.2017 Chris Sayegh image
Chris Sayegh

Chris Sayegh, Cannabis Infused Fine Dining Chef aka “The Herbal Chef” shares science and health benefits behind cannabis, the future of cannabis sommeliers, the importance of using food to create memories, and why the absence of his Grandma and Mom’s cooking in college made him change his career path.

07.12.2017 Tony Abou-Ganim image
Tony Abou-Ganim

Tony Abou-Ganim, Author of The Modern Mixologist, The Godfather of Cocktails, discusses the art of hospitality, how his passion for acting lead him to pursuing bartending full-time, the romance behind crafting a drink, and his most memorable meal at Chez Henri in Paris - charcuterie, cassoulet, pomme frites, duck confit and amazing friends.

07.05.2017 Paul Adelstein image
Paul Adelstein

Paul Adelstein of Scandal, Prison Break, Private Practice, to name a few, is an accomplished actor, producer, musician who chats about his humble beginnings as the worst waiter ever, taking classes Piven Theatre Workshop, how boys camp changed his life, and how family meals took a drastic change in the 80s. So such a blast talking with him, super hilarious- enjoy!

06.27.2017 Mario Rizzotti  image
Mario Rizzotti

Iron Chef America Judge, TV personality, and Italian culinary expert, Mario Rizzotti, talks about dolce vita (the sweet and beautiful life), the differences between authentic Italian cuisine and American Italian cuisine, and how he considered every single day his Mom cooked as the meal of his life.

06.20.2017 Charles Joly image
Charles Joly

Global Bartending Champion and Founder of Crafthouse Cocktails, Charles Joly, talks about the global cocktail movement, the secrets behind great cocktails, how not to crack under pressure, and how he'd break being a vegetarian to have one meal all over again.

06.13.2017 Ming Tsai image
Ming Tsai

In this episode, Billy talks with James Beard Award Winning Chef, TV personality, cookbook author, Ming Tsai. They dive into everything from closing down to birth new concepts, integrating ethnic heritage, importace of feng shui, steps of service, social media courtesy, “foodie” & “celebrity chef” culture.. and the idyllic meal at Les Crayeres that made him feel so high he smacked his face into a mirror and forever left an impression that changed his life forever!

06.06.2017 Sarah Grueneberg image
Sarah Grueneberg

Winner of 2017 James Beard Award - Best Chef, Great Lakes, Sarah Grueneberg, Chef/Partner of Monteverde, talks Top Chef, cooking Italian with a wok, hardest parts about opening a Restaurant, and how her baked potatoes, sausage bread & martinis make her ultimate meal!

06.06.2017 Nick Kokonas image
Nick Kokonas

James Beard Award-winning Co-owner & Founder of Alinea Group and Founder & CEO of Tock, Inc., Nick Kokonas, digs in to his unique approach to business, the hospitality industry and how he’s changing things up.

06.06.2017 Ed Asner image
Ed Asner

Iconic Actor, Ed Asner, discusses how he evolved throughout the acting world, his love/hate relationship with his mom’s sweet spaghetti, and the sport of latke eating.

06.05.2017 David Schwimmer image
David Schwimmer

In the first episode, Billy talks with longtime friend, actor, producer, and Co-Founder of Lookingglass Theatre, David Schwimmer. Billy & David talk about the critical importance of the meal experience, drawing comparisons between shared moments in live theater and those over meals, they relive the incredible Peking Duck they shared in Beijing while covering the Olympics, to their late hotel hallway raiding of guest leftovers left out in Spain, and what they made from it before eating at 4a. David also shares the meal of his life, and how it made him convinced he could be an actor and director for the rest of his life.

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