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My big bang 4th in Chicago! lead image

My big bang 4th in Chicago!


This 4th of july weekend I had my long time buddy Johnny Galecki in town visiting w/ his cast mates from the cbs hit tv show “the big bang theory” and it was truly a blast!  In this pic we were it kickin off w/ a great night out at the underground after rockit & sunda… just to help do my part in trying to win over his 1st time to chicago friends… and I think it worked!  They now love chicago too!

Johnny & I have been celebrating this holiday in some capacity together for years (he’s from oak park, does a lot of local theatre, loves visiting family here,…), and I always love how he brings friends who have not yet been here to share how great his city is.  He is such a genuinely lovely and talented one of our own, that speaks higher of us and our city than anyone else working in la la land, that I just thought I would give him a shout out & say thx for coming home again… and lil tip y’all, check him out on stage next time he comes home to perform… he is truly amazing!